Monday, June 11, 2007

The Gordon Brown Result

After many amusing comments it seems that out of the 5 types of men classified over the past few days, Gordon Brown has been selected to be most like 'The Man in Charge'. This means that on first impressions, he is admired as one can rely upon his help. However, things to watch out for would be:
He feels mistrustful towards people not under his control.
He may get be concerned if private e mails or conversations are held without his knowledge.
He may believe that without his help one cannot succeed in life.
He questions decisions made by others, and offers his own advice.
He gets annoyed if you don’t follow his advice.
He is proud of his own refusal to give in/ inflexibility.

The one thing which is certainly true about this selection is that he very much will be 'the man in charge' as he takes over as Prime Minister.


Sockpuppet said...

A man with real leadership qualities is UK News and Politics.

Vote for him in the Blogpower Awards!!

The Shrink said...

Mr Brown's qualities still fill me with uneasy feelings of disquiet . . .

Man in a Shed said...

So no chance of getting him sectioned then ?

Just out of interest are there any mental health requirements on the person who can launch our nuclear weapons at short notice ? If not why not ?

In the US the Presidents state of health is a matter of public record.

The Shrink said...

Within the UK our Mental Health Act 1983 does indeed have provision for expediently dealing with a politician who becomes mentally unwell.

Good luck trying to find the difference between a typical politician and one with major mental illness.

With so much psychopathy in Westminster, so many over valued ideas, grandiose ideation, concrete thinking, pervasive lack of insight . . . you'd have good grounds for saying you'd be discriminating if you just detained one of them ;-)

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Thanks for the comments. And I totally agree with 'the shrink' - which is just as well.