Sunday, June 10, 2007

Could This be Gordon Brown (5)?

5) The Little Boy
First impressions: He is fun and exciting.
Warning signs: He is not emotionally mature, so he may find it difficult to handle commitment or responsibility.
He takes, whilst others give.
He invests little in personal relationships, he thinks they will run themselves without compromise.
He does not financially plan for the future or for ‘rainy days’ as believes others will be there to help him.
He passively gets by, and has a history of being taken care of by others.

So now the big vote, does Gordon Brown fit into any of these 5 stereotypes? Please comment on whether he is:
1) The Man in Charge
2) The Scriptwriter
3) The Man Without Fault
4) The Invisible Man
5) The Little Boy?
I eagerly await the poll result!


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle - My vote goes with number 1 - the man in charge. He will be soon and then those warnings you gave will be apparent! Sarah

David Anthony said...

Mostly The Man in Charge with a touch of The Invisible Man.

Most of the points from The Man in Charge could just about describe every New Labour minister - past and present.

Which category do I fit in to?
I couldn't possibly say ;)

Anonymous said...

Michelle, No doubt he is a very complex man, his upbringing must have contributed to the way he interacts, his difficulties with communication. I do feel sorry for him in many ways because of this. We are all flawed to an extent.

He could be Conservative's best asset, bearing in mind the knowledge we have about his inability to community and engage naturally.

It's Friday, btw, not Sunday. I don't want to lose two days of my life so quickly. Though come Sunday, I will be packing my bags for Greece.:-)

QUASAR9 said...

lol Michelle,
so you got the knives out for gordon now
Well he's doubled spending on the nhs or nhs budgets to £90 billion
I thought he'd be your favourite Treasurer

So ok, he's had an easy ride
Low unemployment, higher house prices, and increased revenues from higher fuel prices (and tax)

What's the poor man done to you?

QUASAR9 said...

Oh and of course the increased economic activity from one million east europeans working 'cheap'
or filling the jobs nobody wants

And EU incentives for the unemployed to increase benefits, and reduce the numbers claiming to be out of work in this country.

Rachel Joyce said...

Quasar9 - you jest surely? Ever heard of doctor's moral at all time low? Listen to Jonathan Fielden, BMA consultants rep, or to Remedy UK, the junior doctors trying to fight the MMC mess.
Anyway, I think he is a mixture of "man in charge" and "man without fault"- presumably this is what he thinks about himself rather than outside perceptions?
Has anyone done the personality profiling on him - would be very interesting - with the 64 options - they are very illuminating!

Chrysalis said...

Just letting you know I'm reading Michelle.

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Thanks for all those comments. There is clearly going to be a winner amongst the choices.


The Shrink said...

From the public persona we see edited and reported in the media, I'd go for "The Man in Charge."

But I've never met the man, so don't really know.

I guess that's why I tragically like Big Brother. Unless pretty psychopathics/without a conscience folk don't usually get to make detailed value judgements and comments on people they don't know.

So, with that caveat, I'd pin him as "The Man in Charge."

Ian russell said...

ha ha, not that I'd want to fit any human being into such a limited analytical range but, fwiw, I'd have to say Man in Charge (by a process of elimination).

Anonymous said...

golly i do not know! But while I have been reading them have been classifying all my male friends!!