Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Six year old Connie singing on 'Britain's Got Talent' could not fail to bring a smile to the face and warmth to the heart, as she sang in the final and dedicated her song to her dad on father's day. Below is a clip of the six year old and her two supportive parents:


Maalie said...

Oh Lord!

Anonymous said...

She is a great role model for 6 yearolds.. most seem to be so badly behaved these days..

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

I personally think this 6 year old is a little star and she clearly enjoys singing.
Thanks anon and maalie for comments.

Unknown said...

Hey Michelle, hope you are doing well. Just wanted to say thanks for your writings in the light of MTAS / MMC. I am one of the many who has not got a job through the system. It is just a nightmare, but I am coping.

I think it is difficult more difficult to blog about it if you have not got a job because in some ways you just advertise failure. What do you think? Have you read any blogs where people are openly saying they have not got jobs? Bryn

Anonymous said...

bryn, not having a job is not failure this time, it's MTAS's failure, Hewitt's failure, labour failure, BMA's failure, CMO's failure ... the list goes on, but it's not yours. I wish you, and my son, justice

In such stressful times, this very young lady is a refreshing breath of fresh air, I'd love to listen to here sing everyday and, maybe, I can see her rainbow. bryn, there is still godness out there, I hope it comes our way ... Let's all see this young lady's rainbow :-)