Monday, March 19, 2007

Talk of the Hospital

Today every doctor seems to talking about the march. The feeling is that it has put the 'health' back in 'health professionals', by collective empowerment.
I wanted to dedicate this post to all the many doctors who were working hard in hospitals, on weekend duty, during that march. They were perhaps doing the most important job of all; continuing their dedication to the job by looking after patients. Their voice for the same cause should not go unrecognised and the march could not have happened without them. My thanks to you all.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is interesting. I've never come across a Blogger, who's a Psychiatrist too.

Anonymous said...

Another great post. I am addicted to your blog too !

Anonymous said...

(Also addicted to your blog)
Get the momentum going. Exercise your democratic rights. Petition Patsy out.

Ivy Bolas

Anonymous said...

Great picture!

QUASAR9 said...

it has put the 'health' back in 'health professionals'

lol Michelle, you know I love you
and I admire those who have a desire to cure + heal, but simply can't resist

If only we could put health back into patients - let us not forget who or what medicine is really supposed to be about!

QUASAR9 said...

For £90 billion a year, I would expect not only to have an extra 8000 jobs for 8000 junior doctors

But half the wating lists
Halve the price of pharmaceuticals making them available to twice as many patients (for the same cost)

And see significant improvements in dentistry (both nhs + private) and vast improvements on other bone surgery.

simon said...

I agree. I think all nations should really look after their medical professionals.

BTW I have a friend who is a doctor from Russia.. think doctors have it tough here? When I listen to his stories I feel sick....

Ju's little sister said...

I'm from NZ, to be sure - but "here here."


Anonymous said...

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