Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A clip about Junior Doctor Training

This is a clip from the show on 18 Doughty Street last night talking about junior doctor training. The panel include:
Vicky Ford, Dr Phillip Lee, Dr Shazia Ovaisi, myself and Iain Dale.


Anonymous said...

Glad that there are people standing up for the medical profession. I enjoyed the show. Sarah

Anonymous said...

Really liked the entire show - you should have chosen a clip that had you talking... you were very good last night. Well done! caroline

David Anthony said...

Good points made in favour and against the argument - which I always like to see. Really informative show. Thanks for guiding me to it.

Ian Lidster said...

I really found that both interesting and informative, Michelle. I only regret that you didn't speak on the clip you posted so I was unable to say: "Hey, I know her!" But truly, the issues being addressed are indentical to the situation in Canada or, if not identical, then at least analogous, especislly as concerns overseas practitioners, which the Medical Association lobbies diligently to keep from licencing, even though the need is huge, especially in the hinterland.


Anonymous said...

You were brilliant. I enjoyed it alot.

simon said...

Can I pick up on something here?

Doctors from OS.
As a patient who sees his doctor regularly, I find "working" with doctors from OS can be quite difficult.

(We have a lot from Asia some from India & some from the Middle East.)

It is a language/culture thing.
Its sometimes a problem for me to understand them, to be sure they understand me ( even though I am sure they do.)

I also find their "manner" to be a barrier, well. Once again its cultural.

As a result I travel quite a distance to see my GP, as well as my oncologist.

BTW my GP has a great caring manner. :o)
My specialist deals with the problem (and not the person).

So, for me its cultural, ie I identify better with "Anglo" Doctors.

So, if the medical profession wants to provide better doctor/ patient relationship, then these cultural/ language issues must be identified. As highlighted in the video:- "sleepy" Vs "unconscious".

Am I making sense? I hope so!

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Sarah, caroline, David, Ian, Simon, SO many thanks for your kind comments. To pick up in your point Simon, I totally agree it's important to have an understanding of the persons language, as language can have many nuances. In my job it is also important to have an understanding of their cultural background and beliefs, as behaviour can be normal for one culture, yet seem abnormal in others. It's also important to be able to communicate across a wide multidisciplinary team. Language does often seem an underestimated art. Many thanks again. Michelle

Anonymous said...

why are you not on it. you were the best one on the show

Anonymous said...

i agree with rc. you really stuck up for junior doctors. well done.

The Angry Medic said...

Thanks Dr Tempest. I felt a small surge of pride that a Cambridge-based doctor was on so eminent a panel. Thanks for sticking up for us! You did a far better job than David "I don't want doctors' votes" Cameron.

Anonymous said...

You are a born media star, look forward to seeing you on the sofa again.

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

rc, John, angry medic and ellee - you kind words are so very much appreciated. THANK YOU. Michelle

jmb said...

Hi Michelle,
I didn't get much from the clip and missed hearing you.
Keep up the good fight. It sounds like everyone needs to boycott the process, interviewers and interviewees.
Good luck

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.