Saturday, March 17, 2007

A consultant's take on the MMC

Whilst on the march with thousands of doctors, it was great to see the support for the plight of junior doctors at every level, from consultants to students. This experienced consultant suggests a novel way of filling out the MTAS.

May I thank the thousands of doctors, friends and familes, who all came out to support junior doctors. Together let's hope we can make a change.


Anonymous said...

How do they think they can implement it when even distibguished people such as this are so strongly against it?

Anonymous said...

this is a great bit of journalism.

Anonymous said...

great clip- very funny... am sure my dog would like to apply...

Anonymous said...

this is very moving

Anonymous said...

good to see so many people out on the march, wonder if the govenmet will listen?

The Angry Medic said...

This clip IS moving. Glad Dr Crippen picked it up too; the more people see this the better.

I really hope this accomplishes something; our great and glorious Government has a Stalinist habit of ignoring marches.

Thanks for all your work, Dr Tempest.

QUASAR9 said...

lol! Michelle,
what was that
"get your budgie to fill in form"

Glad you are having fun
Doctors marching against a Labour government. now that has got to be 'hysterical' sorry 'historical'

QUASAR9 said...

Michelle, has anyone figured out yet how after doubling NHS spending

We have hospitals over budget, cutting costs and jobs
We can't create 8000 jobs for junior doctors, and yet are always bemoaning a shortage of doctors
We still have overpriced jobs - at half price we could afford to give them to twice as many patients, after all it is the research cost, not manufacturing that determines pharmaceutical fees

Why we still think not putting patients on a list is a legitimate way of reducing waiting lists - this only hides or disguises the problem - it does not CURE the problem

Anonymous said...

you capture the whole debate in this one clip. brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Tempest,

Congratulations to you and your colleagues for the march. Unfortunately, I don't think the media, in particular BBCNEWs 24 cared two hoots about it.

As I was unable to get to LOndon for the day, I was waiting for something concrete to appear on the box. All that came out was "Doctors are protesting against new recruitment procedures"

There was no mention about patients' health and safety.

In a war for public opinion remedyUK have to work harder. The public needs to be informed.

Ivy Bolas - Orthopod for now.

Praguetory said...

Very good clip. Measured but forceful. It's beyond belief that this system has been imposed.

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

So many thanks for your comments - I'm glad you liked the clip!

Thanks to:
The angry medic - we marched for the future of medics.
Quasar9 - I totally agree with you
"We can't create 8000 jobs for junior doctors, and yet are always bemoaning a shortage of doctors" - the system currently makes no sense.
Ivy Bolas - thanks for the comments. I think the collective effort of all doctors has and will continue to make a difference.....don't give up the battle. We need good and well trained surgeons like yourself.
Praguetory - thanks for the comment and I'm glad you liked the clip.

Thanks to all the anonymous voices here as well.


Anonymous said...

An excellent post - I too was at the march - and I firmly believe we still have much more work to be done. As Matthew Shaw said at the end of the speech, we could go home and think we have done our bit or we could be inspired to do more.

So we need to keep up the fight :)

I have made desktop wallpapers to recognise our achievements so far and to help spread the word:

Please distribute to everyone you know! Think of more unique ways we can continue to lobby along side remedy uk. Cheers

founder of

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Thanks Saqib. I have added one of those as my desktop. mmc360 indeed. I guess it may not be long before they are back to the beginning! Michelle

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

I also wanted to add my personal thanks to Dr David Clow, who as a consultant paediatrician may well be used to looking after the next generation; but here he also does the job of looking after the next generation of junior doctors. Thank you. Michelle