Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sending Doctors to Outer Space

The fears of nearly qualified doctors have been quelled by Dr Who. He has kindly taken it upon himself to employ a young trainee doctor in the form of Martha, to accompany him on his travels. It all sounds very exciting and I'm certainly looking forward to watching the new Dr Who series. Perhaps this will also catch the attention of Patricia Hewitt (aka HewBacca) who having miscalculated trainee numbers by 8,000, may wish for a big black hole to appear.


Anonymous said...

I think I'd apply for a job with 'the doctor'. Sarah - thanks for that one Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Not sure even the tardis could take the 8,000 docs.

David Anthony said...

I think I must be the only person in Britain not to haave watched any of the new Doctor Whos.

Liz Hinds said...

I would just like to say that I love David Tennant.

Ian Lidster said...

Are you going to break my heart and tell me that Billie Piper is no longer to be on Dr. Who? How awful.


Dr Michelle Tempest said...

David - I think the new series has only just started.

Liz - thanks for the comment, and David Tennant does make a good Dr Who

Ian, sorry I'm afraid Rose has been left in a different dimension, but Billie Piper is still with us in plenty of other parts and plays.

Thanks for the comments. Michelle

jumpinginpuddles said...

lol we are actually not dr who fans ( like not half) hheheeheh but we are more dalek fans we want soem of those, hey maybe you could use some daleks to help with some down sizing of the problems in the nchs heheehehe even better then use dr who and his new doctor to help build it up LOL

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I am passing on a message from Simon which was emailed to me:

I am writing from my palm held in melbourne. I tried to post a comment on your site and about the cane toads on michelles.
for some reason this palm held will not allow me to.

so, I will post comments when I return. hope you are fine. jim is in scotland camping in his nissan x trail!

all the best from aus! & if you "speak" to michelle let her know too! s

Those two do have some fun times, I love all the bird monitoring that Jim is doing.

Did you see Al Gore speaking from Cambridge on Newsnight last night?

QUASAR9 said...

So I wonder if Dr Who and his new assistant will deal with human conditions - such as exposure to frequent flying or near-future space exploration & space travel

or will they still be fighting daleks and giant poisonous toads? lol!

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Thanks jumpingInPuddles.

Thanks Ellee - I did not catch Al Gore on TV, but thanks to you saw him speaking in person... there will be a blog about it soon.

Thanks for your comment Quasar9 - I saw you got a 'Gold blogging thinking award', well done and well deserved.

All very best

Anonymous said...

The more I'm thinking the more I'd like to go up in the tardis.... do you think I could go for the job after Martha? Sarahx