Friday, March 16, 2007

Round Up, Round Up....The March is Tomorrow

As tomorrow history will be made by a medical march, this blog is dedicated to a brief round up about news regarding changes to medical training: In the BMJ (17/03/07) Professor Morris Brown, on behalf of 25 senior consultants, wrote a letter stating:
“This nightmare must stop…We need facts and action…It is time for the mass of consultants to find voice.”

The Herald printed a the words of Dr John D Mackenzie, NHS Consultant: "Ask any consultant working in our hospitals what they think of the junior doctors' dilemma and they overwhelmingly will tell you the same story: "It's simply dreadful."" And if that’s not enough then the words of a fellow blogger and junior doctor; the normally ‘Shiny Happy Person’ may bring tears to the eyes: “I can see no future, just a wasted life; no career, no home, nothing to show for years of determination and passion.”

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is extremely concerned about the “impact the chaos related that the Medical Application Service process is having on the mental health of trainee doctors.” I am especially glad they have added this to their College website, as the stress imposed by such an application process, is palpable in every hospital in the country. It is time to remember that carers also need to be cared for.

NHS Blog Doctor discusses remarks “The Royal Colleges were all expecting that behind the scenes, they would be able to weed out all international graduates, indeed, they thought this was the main purpose of MMC.” These comments have been subsequently removed from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists website and the retraction can be read in full on FrontPoint Systems Ltd

The Royal College of Surgeons have posted: “It is now up to the profession to put right the damage that has been done by this first round of selection. Every opportunity must be provided to offer the rejected trainees a better chance for selection in round two. This College will play its part to make sure this happens.”

As for the latest news, we know that 'The Review Team' led by Professor Neil Douglas, has met again today, partly by teleconference, and the outcome is eagerly awaited.

Until then, I very much continue my support for junior doctor training, and encourage everyone to join the March and show their Support. More details can be found on the website


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support Michelle. See You there. Sarahx

Anonymous said...

How, but how, do you make government sit up and take notice? Or rather to act on what they see, the genuine concerns of the entire nation on this one subject.

I wondered if you had invited Andrew Lansley to join in.

I wish you the very, very best.

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Thanks Ellee. Andrew Lansley will be at the march - he is giving a speech.

Thanks Sarah.


Anonymous said...

Great work you and all the other doctors are doing. I wish you every success in changing the process and keeping doctors in employment.... goodness knows we need them!

jmb said...

Good luck with the march, Michelle. May there be a sea of determined faces everywhere you look.

simon said...

I agree Ellee. Where are the politicians who have real "vision"?

It seems they are consumed by winning, not by what is best for the people. They run infrutsruture down, and create stress in workplaces and the professions.

It is the same here. :o(

David Anthony said...

Don't forget to wrap up warm, snow due over the weekend. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

There must be a special governmental department of cock-ups which is inspired by Kafka's books. Wish all the best to all those taking part in the protest and good luck... Owen

Anonymous said...

Your blog just gets better...Has such passion...
Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Hope the march goes well