Friday, March 09, 2007

Early Day Motion

There is a second Early day Motion about the changes in medical training which reads:
That this House notes the decision of the Department of Health to carry out a review of the operation of the Medical Training Application Service following the widely reported chaos relating to the shortlisting and selection of junior doctors for interview for medical postgraduate specialty training; further notes that concerns have been expressed over several months by the British Medical Association about the new on-line system which was not piloted prior to introduction; further notes that the IT system has been blighted with technical problems, with the website crashing repeatedly, and that there have been delays and confusion over the application process; further notes that there is substantial evidence of significant numbers of highly qualified, able candidates not being shortlisted for any interviews whilst some others have been selected for interview for posts for which they have not applied, and that the process cannot therefore be fair and meritocratic, and is causing dismay and despair amongst junior doctors, resulting in many considering applying for jobs abroad; and calls on the Government to act on the recommendation of the British Medical Association to suspend the process until it can be demonstrated that it is fair and transparent and that appointments will be genuinely based on merit.
To find out if your MP has signed this, click here.


Anonymous said...

concerns expressed by the BMA????

dont make ma laugh. the only ocncern they seem to have is how far they want to bend over in the process of accepting whatever the gov force on the medical profession.

the only reason this protest has come about is a grassroots reaction around the country, not coordinated or condoned by the BMA until they realised they better jump on the bandwagon.

bunch on gong-hunting tossers

Anonymous said...

Fancy blaming IT as well, it simply isn't good enough.