Friday, February 02, 2007


It was reported today that people in Yorkshire are most likely to suffer from stress. Stress can be used to drive you in the direction you desire and can be channelled to generate energy, utilized as a useful tool rather than a treated as a foe. However, the feeling of stress develops when there is mismatch between what you think you can do and what’s expected of you (including expected by yourself). The message is that you need to take stock and evaluate this mismatch.

Society can often exacerbate this situation with extra pressure. Consider the example of the ‘superwoman syndrome’ where women of today sometimes seem to be expected to do everything. They may be expected to be the main carers for the husband, children, parents and friends, to be successful in business and to keep the house. All whilst recycling the waste, being fashionable, fitting energy saving light bulbs and every other societal expectation. Do you think this is expecting too much? Even Cherie Booth, mother of four children, top barrister and wife to a world leader was forced to tackle this expectation syndrome and knocked it on the head by saying “I am not superwoman.” Men, too, can feel the pressure of expectations. Perhaps expecting to be strong, sensitive, successful, wealthy, good cooks and emotionally supportive.

So, perhaps we should all remember that it's alright to be human and not super human.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Excellent points made.

Shani said...

I came across your blog and this posting by accident - I couldn't believe how pertinent it is to my current state of mind, and I want to know how you have cheered me up.

After having my house destroyed by a burst pipe last weekend, and ending up being 45 minutes late in to work, I was greated by my boss claiming I was inconveniencing HIS life with my "emotional baggage".

All this whilst coping with my severely disabled son, a rehabilitation unit not worthy of its name, a husband who "does his best" and four jobs which have ended up being rolled into one - mine....

I am not super woman - but I am coming close to total inplosion.

Thank you though for reaffirming my sanity - and I am now looking for another job. Have baggage will pack....

Best wishes Shani