Wednesday, January 31, 2007

To be remembered...

As this week's blog has been dedicated to eating disorders, it seemed only fitting to remember that eating disorders often affect young people. This link offers a somewhat chilling insight into those who unfortunately lost their battle against the illness.


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Michelle, I like the candle.
I often wonder though, do we not all suffer from an eating disorder of one sort or another.

Like most animals, for humans food is nurture (not nature) other than the limits in days of old of the sources available in our surrounding environment - we today by enlarge enjoy food from everywhere and processed foods.

But three square meals is a naval concept.
A cup of tea or coffee is the result of empire (in the uk) - and the US (and now globally).

We no longer eat to live, but live to eat. We no longer know what is good for us (or our children) and what is not.
Some parents will give their children food till they burst.
Some parents give their children candy to keep them quiet.

Some parents force food on children, it is not uncommon for children to have a natural aversion to meat - except meat was meant to make you 'big & strong' and you are supposed to eat meat.
And paradoxically now we cannot get children to eat their greens
they prefer burger & chips or egg and chips. But these preferences were nurtured NOT natural.

As for girl's eating disorders - they really could stuff themselves silly on veggie curry and rice and remain thin as long as you don't use too much butter in the mix or eat too much bread.

But most people who are overweight or 'fat' are really overeating - and not doing enough exercise.

Few people simply acquire 'mass' or retain water, if they do not eat, and eat something which aids water retention.

Sure some have large bones, and some have a predisposition to gain weight - but by 'enlarge' people eaither eat too much (of the wrong stuff) or not enough (of the right stuff).

Having said all that - what is your favourite food, and your favourite place to eat out in the evenings

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Hi Quasar9, as always a pleasure to read your comment. Many thanks. As for favourite foods - that does change from week to week - but this week I would say tapas. Plus Tapas is a great place to eat out. Hope you have been having a good week. Cheers