Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A smile can go a long way.

Poor Tony doesn't seem to have much to smile about lately, and this may be making him feel even more blue than usual. Did you know that a smile can have a positive effect on one'e mood? Try, for example, pulling the sides of your mouth up in the shape of a smile and holding it for twenty seconds. To the average person this may seem very silly yet often it can tangibly improve one’s mood. Making the shape of a smile uses the muscle groups in your face that connect with a particular pattern of brain activity. Because the brain links these areas, a chain reaction is set up in between the movement of your face muscles and the pattern of activity within your brain. This chain reaction induced is associated with positive happy feelings in your emotional centres. Because cells that ‘wire together fire together’ and by activating the wires that cause a smile, they fire links to positive emotions. So, just by moving your mouth into a smile causes a small increase in positive emotion related brain activity...poor Tony!


Emmie said...

That was a really interesting post. Have to try this out. So what if I am an adult, I have all the right in the world to smile my way through all my troubles.
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Praguetory said...

Thanks for the advice. It helped.

relax said...

What an excellent blog! keep up the good work

blinbo said...

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QUASAR9 said...

He has lost his reason to smile.
He wanted so bad to be remembered in history that he followed the coat tails of Bush & the US into Iraq - and met his waterloo

So much for making the world a better or safer place. Done nothing in Africa, Civil War in Iraq.
And at home betrayed every Socialist principle and gain made in the last hundred years. Sold a million Council Homes in stock transfers to private Housing Associations at a tenth of the market price - and of course there is a shortage of addordable housing - but who can afford to buy the homes (or apartments) being built with £billions in subsidies from the Housing Corporation (or Council Home Rents) not the least well of or those on lower incomes.

And spends record amounts of money doubling nhs spending to £90 billion a year and puts the whole lot including hospitals in private hands, nhs foundation hospitals, private GP surgeries, and private dental practices - where the shareholders are no longer the patients - but the doctors, dentists, consultants, surgeons & specialists.

Choice means hospitals being able to choose which patients or conditions to treat (with the obviouys preference of choosing those most profitable) The only cjoice patients get is as ever - take it or leave it.
Be happy for what you get
Which I hope is not the intent of your next post.
Being happy (or content) with bad dentistry or bad surgery will never improve the nhs or health care