Friday, March 12, 2010

Labour's Neglect of Manufacturing in the North East

The Conservative Party have published a report highlighting that 94,857 manufacturing jobs have been lost in the North East between June 1997 and November 2009. Additionally, the number of advanced manufacturing jobs in the region, a key medium to hi-tech sector for which figures are available, fell by 56 per cent in that time.

Ken Clarke MP said, “This has been a tragedy for the North East, an area with a proud manufacturing tradition...We need to rebalance the economy away from Labour’s over-reliance on financial services towards high tech investment and exports. That is why we will cut corporation tax rates, simplify the tax system and support high tech innovation. British manufacturing cannot afford five more years of Gordon Brown making things worse. Only the Conservatives have the energy, leadership and the ideas to make Britain open for business again."

This report follows the Sir James Dyson report I blogged about a couple of days ago. I am glad to see that the Conservative Party are not just thinking about the election, but are thinking long term about how to improve science education, research and development. Ultimately, increasing jobs within the science and manufacturing sector.
The last decade has been termed the decade of the celebrity and excess, immortalised by Hirst's diamond skull. Let's hope any future Conservative Government returns respect to hard working British taxpayers.

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NW Durham Voter said...

Dr Tempest,

It's good to see that the Conservatives are taking a balanced view about the future.

We need balance in Britiain's portfolio of industries and services. We need balance in the tax regime. We need balance between the short term and long term.

For too long, we have had over-reliance on reckless, short-term opportunism and a tax system that does little to foster the innovation that we need to maintain our place in the global market.

Thank you for recognising the importance of manufacturing and design in the North East.