Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Engineering Excellence

Sir James Dyson completed a report for David Cameron highlighting the importance of science to help diversify the economy. Dyson has called for more support for science teachers and tax breaks for high-tech firms to conduct research to encourage an economy where Britain designs, makes and sells.

Among the report's key recommendations are greater financial and regulatory freedom for universities to promote investment in science and engineering, public-private institutes to help translate research into commercial opportunities and more generous tax relief for investors in start-up and established high-tech firms.

David Cameron summarised "I think we have a choice where we go on as we are borrowing money from the Chinese to buy their products, or we can say 'no - wait - this is actually a country with great design, great scientists, great engineers, let's make sure we are developing products and services and goods we can sell to the Chinese as they get richer'."
Gordon Brown has stifled the great British people for too long. It's time to release ourselves from the red tape of the Labour party and vote for change.


NW Durham Voter said...

Dr Tempest,

I'm a Chartered Engineer so you can imagine how pleased I am to see that design and manufacturing have earned their rightful place in the political debate.

You neatly link your recent blog about tax to this piece about engineering innovation. Tax incentives are an important part of the mix to encourage entrepreneurs to invest their time and energies in creative design and business growth. We need to create a "Silicon Moor" for the North East - incubators where creative thinkers can develop their nascent ideas into commercial products for a worldwide market.

We have great universities in the North East. We have good national and international transport links - by rail, sea, road and air. We have a proud engineering heritage. Stephenson's Rocket was built just down the road in Newcastle. Thomas Tredgold - another famous name in railway history - was born in Brandon.

It's time to move away from anaemic dependence on handouts. The people of the North East have the drive and ability to succeed. This "hand-up" could be exactly what we need to turn today's anonymous engineers into household names.

Tim Kevan said...

It's so good to see such positive writing, looking to how we can solve the problems the Labour Party has mired us all in. Small business and innovation is the engine room for growth in the economy and you rightly point to over-regulation as a key issue to tackle.

simon said...

This is a very good post. Australia too is borrowing from China, losing its capacity to produce, and talking of becoming the banking capital of Asia. I would think ( as a young nation) following the UK down the same path...