Thursday, March 11, 2010


We have some amazing people in North West Durham and one of those is Mr Andrew Adams who is now famous as Mr President amongst the hedgelaying community. Many thanks to all who attended the fabulous cheese and wine party. More evidence of the wonderful community spirit that we are so lucky to have in Great Britain.

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NW Durham Voter said...

Dr Tempest,

Reading your blog today, I was struck by the diversity of talents that we have in the North East.

Yesterday, your blog reminded of me of engineers who made their names working in the heavy industries that helped shape the infrastructure of our country.

Today, I learn that the President responsible for the hedgerows that frame our natural environment is from the same North Eastern stock.

A small illustration of the wide range of talents that can be found within a few miles of NW Durham.

Please pass on my congratulations to Mr Andrew Adams!