Friday, February 05, 2010

Has the Labour Party Ran Out of Gas?

The recent Green Paper on Defence reminded me of the independent report published last October by Sir Bernard Gray about Defence acquisition. Sir Bernard Gray recognised that the UK isn't alone in feeling let down by the way military equipment is bought. Around the world many nations face similar shortcomings: equipment arriving late, being too expensive and not delivering what was requested or expected.

However, just because this is a pervasive problem, should we sit back and accept it? The Labour government have lacked ambition, vision, drive and leadership to act on Sir Bernard Gray's recommendations. Labour have returned similar reports year on year. Perhaps in a similar vain to Labour's education legacy: the bar required to pass exams was reduced, so exam league results looked better. This ignores the commitment required to faciliate the needs of the most able child, whilst also deserting the struggling student.
If the Conservative's win the next election, I don't believe we will accept 'lowest common denominator results'. The men and women fighting to protect us have never given up because something wasn't easy. We owe it them to get better at delivering the right equipment at the right time. We also owe it to the taxpayers to make sure your money is being is being spent in an effective and efficient way. We need to take action and vote at the Ballot box.

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Anne said...

It is very doubtful that the Conservatives will win at the General election. I work it out like this:-
Labour voters will continue to vote Labour because they want their political Party to carry on in what they see as POWER.

The LibDems have always been clear that they want to be in and remain in the European Union. That is why they are in and will remain in third place.

The Conservatives are the ones that will lose seats, because people-like me- that have always voted for them, although have never been in any political Party or a member of a political Party want out of the EU. I actually want our own MP's to govern us in everything.

Why on earth should I continue to pay my taxes towards a Government that cannot actually Govern because it too has to obey the same orders from the EU that I have to.

It is alleged that the EU make about 80% of our laws. If that is the case, why haven't some MP's been made redunant like so many of the people have?

It is not just the Labour Party that has run out of GAS, sadly, the people have been let down very badly by the Conservative Party because they could have romped home if they had read and understood LISBON, because no true British MP would want to remain in the EU after realising what a Labour Government had ratified.