Monday, February 01, 2010

Blogging and Dinner

Over the years of blogging I have been lucky enough to make friends with fellow blogger Ellee Seymour. Last night she hosted myself, Liz truss and Louise Bagshawe with an amazing array of food. It was a thoroughly delightful evening. In a world where we must remain vigilant to the dangers of having an on line profile, this was an example of celebrating wonderful internet connections.


elleeseymour said...

Hi Michelle, I so enjoyed spending an evening with you all. You are all so vibrant and a great credit to the Conservative Party.

Anonymous said...

Ellee is a wonderful connection, as are you. May your future unfold as it should.

simon said...

that is really very cool. Ellee refered a friend to me for a real estate matter here in Australia! Keep on Blogging I say!