Sunday, May 13, 2007

Patricia Hewitt in the Dock

In a statement released by Remedy UK, a group representing junior doctors, describe how next week is an "historic week" for the medical profession. After doctors have marched together en masse, debated, discussed and lobbied as one, the finale" is that "doctors from all over the land will unite to take the Department of Health and the Secretary of State for Health to Court." This will be the first big test for Gordon Brown, after his pledge the make the NHS central to his campaign. It will also show whether he is going to side with real doctors or be advised by spin doctors.
Remedy UK are standing up for "everyone who has felt that the unfairness and... has been the product of a downtrodden emasculated profession." So, don't miss the drama on Wednesday and Thursday in the High Courts of Justice on the Strand. The time has come to finally to draw a line in the sand that it is not acceptable to behave or treat people in this way. If Gordon Brown wants "to listen" as he so pledged in his leadership campaign, he should know where to start. His spin doctors may try and advise him that this group are not representative of the profession. However, real doctors have already done their research and published it. The leading medical journal, the Lancet, has published findings from a recent survey of 3255 consultants and junior doctors calling for a halt to proposed changes in medical training due to be introduced in August this year. A staggering 80% of those surveyed have "major concerns that MMC will have detrimental effects on both medical training and patient safety." The evidence whether academic, legal or professional is the same... listening will be the key.


Anonymous said...

What an exciting week! I hope she gets a life sentence. Sarah

Anonymous said...

This is very powerful stuff. What was the government's response to the Lancet letter? As I said before, doctords shouldn't be forced into becoming activists, they should do what they have been trained to do.

I'm meeting Andrew Lansley next month btw at Headway Cambridreshire where I am a trustee, do let me know if I can pass on a message, though I am sure you have been in contact with him.

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Thanks Sarah.
Thanks Ellee, their has been no response to the Lancet letter, as yet.
I'm glad to hear that AL is supporting Headway, an excellent place. Thanks for the thought of passing on a message... I very much hope that he will be in Court next week watching with the media and with interest!

David Anthony said...

I thought it was interesting to hear Gordon Brown say that the NHS will be his top priority. Iff Patricia Hewitt stays in her position after the reshuffle we can be sure that it was just spin.

Good to see you blogging again.

Peter Smallbone said...

There was a good piece about this issue on Radio 4 this morning, on the Today programme. Remedy UK was mentioned a number of times. You can probably go to the BBC website somewhere and listen to it.

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Thanks David and Pete - glad to hear from you both.