Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MTAS is over

Today the MTAS system was finally laid to rest. However, it will not rest in peace. It will be remembered as the system that wasted £6.3 million of NHS money, leaked confidential and highly personal information across the internet and had a never-ending list of problems. Patricia Hewitt said live on channel 4 news tonight that “criminal offences may have been committed” following the MTAS computer access and has handed over material to the police. For more on this story read the report from Dr Crippen. I am sure the police will be grateful that the MTAS system has been laid to rest, following reports in the Times newspaper about doctors' information being misused to potentially breach hospital security.

Channel 4's Jon Snow stated that “it’s hard to overstate the gravity of this disaster” and suggested to Patricia Hewitt that she would “have to resign.” She said that she would “take complete responsibility” for the computer shambles but felt that she still had widespread support. She went onto try and explain MTAS, MMC and the interview process; but she left the logic out of the explanation. Even Jon Snow said “we’re all getting a little confused.”

Professor Humphrey Hodgson went onto point out that patient care is being affected by MMC with a lot of non-emergency work being cancelled to sort out the mess that MMC has created. His final polite words on Channel 4 were about the poll of over 3500 doctors, which had showed that confidence in Patricia Hewitt was “low”. MTAS may be the first to fall, but it will not be the last.


Anonymous said...

I heard Lord Hunt being interviewed on the radio about this and he couldn't bring himself to apologise, this was a very shameful episode. I'm glad the government finally listend, but at what cost? And just imagine what that money could have bought.

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

thanks ellee - but they still have a lot to listen to - MMC continues. Michelle

Dr Michael Anderson said...

My Dad texted me today about this. Have the BBC got the story right? The people at MTAS haven't communicated to me (or any other junior doctors) about the system being scrapped. If this is true, then why on earth do we find out about how our careers are to be decided on the 10 o'clock news?!?

The mind boggles...

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Thanks 'The Junior Doctor' - good point well made. Michelle

jmb said...

Well Michelle, congratulations on achieving this with all the hard work of you and other like you.

I'm sure there is still lots to work out but at least you have finally been listened to.