Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why Society is Part of a Big Family

Tory leader David Cameron said his party must do more to keep families together, after a report suggested that parental splits are creating an underclass.
Indeed, it is known that behaviour is learnt after spending years imitating parents, siblings, friends and society. Many people like to blame their parents for their maladaptive coping strategies, and this may, in part, be true. However, this also leads onto the good news – if behaviour is plastic then it can also be modelled, so new behaviours can be learnt changed and modified. After accepting that behaviours can be learnt from others at any age, the door is opened to breaking the cycle of maladaptive coping mechanisms, by modelling new behaviour on different adaptive coping mechanisms.
Whilst the report highlights the role of parents, we forget at our peril, the societal social responsibilty.

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