Saturday, December 16, 2006

Chapter 27 - The Future of the NHS

This is a summary of chapter 27 - From self-regulation to professionally-led Regulation in Partnership with the Public.
It was written by Dr Joan Trowell a University Lecturer in Medicine and a Consultant Physician at the Oxford Radcliffe Trust. She is a member of the General Medical Council and until recently she was chairman of the GMC’s Fitness to Practise Committee. It was also written by Mr Paul Buckley, the Director of Strategy and Planning at the General Medical Council (GMC).

This chapter examines the changing face of professional regulation. While the focus is largely on the GMC, the trends identify conclusions, intended to apply to the regulation of healthcare professionals more broadly. Many changes have already occurred, but some would advocate yet further change. Given the clear willingness of regulatory bodies to reform radically, further imposed structural change for its own sake, or for the sake of continuing the momentum of change, cannot be the answer. The effect of the recent reforms requires adequate evaluation.
They suggest that the new model of regulation, which is emerging, retains the strengths of professional ownership, but balanced by full public involvement. This is the true meaning of professionally led regulation in partnership with the public.

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