Friday, December 15, 2006

Chapter 26 - The Future of the NHS

This is a chapter summary of chapter 26 - The Future for Health Care Management: an Analysis and Some Proposals. It was written by Professor Ewan Ferlie, Director of the Centre for Public Services Organisations and Head of the School of Management, Royal Holloway University of London

In this chapter he argues that 'better management can lead to better health services', via the slogan ‘better management; better health’. He sees a core management task involving active leadership from both general managers alongside clinicians, to inspire and sustain collective service improvement activity rather than ‘form filling’ management, for proliferating audit systems. He suggests the need for more local and long term strategies and fewer top down quick fixes. He believes health care management should be based on a secure evidence base as well as clinical practice. He offers analysis and a 4 point agenda for management in the medium to long term.

1) Stabilising The System: Less haste; More speed.
2) Getting Doctors into Management and Developing Medical Leadership
3) Strategies with Private Sector Providers
4) Developing an evidence based method for NHS management.

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