Saturday, December 02, 2006

Chapter 14 - The Future of the NHS

This is a summary of chapter 14 - the future of cardiology within the NHS by Dr David Stone, a consultant Cardiologist and Director of Education at Papworth and Associate Dean at the Faculty of Clinical Medicine.

In this chapter he warns that cardiological development is fraught with uncertainty, because the discipline crosses many borders and is associated with technological development in very rapidly changing fields. He addresses the question: what will we be doing and where will we be doing it?

He strongly warns against the short term-ism in working within a system, at least somewhat dependent on an electoral system, with a (maximum of) 5-year cycle. The consequences are then imposed upon a financially based health service that is also undergoing major changes in training and reimbursement. He believs it is little wonder that the future is uncertain and that there is a retreat into a defensive position. He sums up by warning against letting the future of the NHS be sacrificed for our present.

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