Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Start of the Book Summary

Introduction - Chapter 1 The Future of the NHS, written by Dr Michelle Tempest.

The book aims to assist the reader, to penetrate the fog of confusion, about how to make future plans for the NHS. It brings eminent experts together from centrally relevant disciplines with a wide range of perspectives, to set out views clearly and readably; to enable the general reader (whether professional or lay person) to better understand the cardinal questions involved in this NHS debate. Early chapters express views from main political parties, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats. Then chapters continue from top NHS professionals, experts at the forefront of their specialty, who collectively bring Centuries of experience. Their wealth of knowledge is unrivalled, admired and invaluable; they are the leading authorities across a broad range of specialties. The discussion continues about how the NHS is managed, trained, regulated and funded, and considers alternative and innovative methods of tackling complex financial issues.

It is imperative for every person to be involved in the debate, as it is not just for the ‘experts’ in the disciplines concerned, but for everyone - doctors, nurses and patients, lawyers and clients, legislators and voters, young and old, - because the debate crosses every age group and every social divide. Each one of us has a right to contribute to the debate, not least because, how we as a society answer the questions raised about the NHS, will ineluctably have a profound effect on the very nature of society as we know it. This book allows views regarding the NHS debate, to be informed rather than ignorant, rational rather than emotional, and to evaluate competing arguments and various ideas. ‘The Future of the NHS’ book enables the reader to take the first step into the most exciting debate of our times.

2006 is an important year for the NHS marking 60 years since the implementation of the National Health Service Act 1946. Therefore, it is an ideal time to start planning for the future of the service and to ensure '60th birthday celebrations' are not a sign of retirement. It is hoped that by gathering together some of the most eminent and respected health care professionals, policy makers and opinion formers, this book could go some way to pooling their collective wisdom into one volume and help start what might be the great health debate in this country.

So, where do we start with this process, to acquire long-term strategies for successful rehabilitation? In medicine, when a patient presents, the doctor starts by taking a history and then examining the systems. This book also takes this approach by asking the most involved and knowledgeable people from many walks of the NHS for their thoughts and ideas.

Each day for the next 34 days will include a very brief chapter summary of all the 35 book chapters.

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