Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Drinking and Surroundings

Winkielman, Berridge and Wilbarger (2005) found that by subliminally presenting happy or angry faces, with no subjective change in affect, influenced peoples drinking behaviour. Subjects placed more value on beverages, and consumed more beverages, after subliminally being presented with happy faces. Whereas, beverage value and consumption decreased after subliminally being presented angry faces. The conclusion is that nonconscious stimuli can influnce judgment and behaviour without consciously being aware of it.


Parwathy Narayan said...

That really is a fascinating correlation!

Soumya Darshan said...

subconscious thoughts always impact our cognitive psychology.. it is true

Andrea said...

messages below our perceptible threshold can have significant impact on our behavior and decisions, whether it be images, sounds, or video. this knowledge is used by advertisers and cinematographers all the time!