Sunday, April 11, 2010

Diggerland, County Durham

Today the sun was shining and the North West Durham team have been hard at work getting on with all the work we have to do between now and the General Election. However, there was a lunch time stop in Langley Park and I couldn't resist popping into 'Diggerland'. They have some of the amazing machines, some of which you can even drive... Plus, I was lucky enough to meet lots of families and children who liked my Union Jack campaign bag.
Tomorrow we shall be campaigning in Willington - you are welcome to come and join in the fun.

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simon said...

Hey Michelle, I heard the election anouncement whilst in the Lakes district. I also listened to Gordons Browns speach today- what a load of rubbish- full of puff, and no substance.

Comments like ~ we are for the future" and " we are for fairness for all" IMO they have had 13 years to get the future right, and what does "fairness for all " mean?

They sound like they are reading off the labour speach sheet in Australia.

Anwyay i wish you the very best for your campaign, and hope you get a great result.(Oh- you are driving a skid steer loader BTW ;o)