Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Campaign Song!

With the election now fast approaching it is wonderful that a member of the North West Durham Conservative team has already composed our very own campaign song. The lyrics just highlight how much fun we are going to have during our General Election campaign trail. How exciting!


Get plodging lads and lasses in your wellies join the crowd.
Give us the job, we want the work, we’ll turn it all around.
We are canny, loyal and true, and you know we get things done.
Bold, bright and strong and brave, you know we’ll have our say.
Don’t take us for granted – because we can lead the way.
Get plodging lads and lasses now - cos shy bairns get nowt.

Vote 4 Michelle she is the lass, she will look after you.
Working hard on your behalf, we all need something new.
Give us your vote to save your jobs, protect your hospitals.
Michelle’s the one for you and all your bairns in all their schools.
Making sure you’re deal is fair, cause we are no ones fools.
Get plodging lads and lasses now - cos shy bairns get nowt.

Our Northern countryside is great; we want to praise it loud.
We’re all for one and one for all, a trusting faithful crowd.
Pleased for all our talents now, we help our fellow man.
We are the best you know - listen to others as we go round.
Our sense of humour gets us through and nothing gets us down.
So I say to you lads and lasses - now is the time.
Plodge away - Vote 4 Michelle - cos shy bairns get nowt.

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Anonymous said...

can't wait to hear the song too