Thursday, August 14, 2008

Doctors Car Stolen

News from Greater Manchester Police is that a doctor left the car running whilst she did the decent thing and rushed over to help a man in his 70's suffering a serious head injury. Being a good samaritan she pulled up in her red Renault Clio leaving the keys in the ignition.
Unfortunately, a thief jumped in her car and drove off! The incident happened at 4.50pm on Wednesday, on Eccles New Road, near Hope Hospital in Salford, Greater Manchester. The car's registration is NY05 RZN and police would like to hear from anybody who has seen it.


simon said...

My experience here is that they mostly get burnt out after they are stolen....

Anonymous said...

And so it goes. It's unfortunate our world is full of such people.

kyle said...

According to police, the doctor left her car key in the ignition when she hurried to the aid of a pedestrian who was hit by a bus in the English city of Manchester.
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simon said...

kyle- you work in car auctions??

me too!

Anonymous said...

Stolen cars usually end up in one of the following places:

1. In chop shops
2. In shipping containers at ports in Canada or overseas
3. At other crime scenes
4. Abandoned in random locations
5. In the hands of unsuspecting consumers

Chop shops

About 50% of stolen vehicles end up in "chop shops,” where stolen cars are dismantled into parts to be sold off separately, often to legitimate businesses unaware the parts are stolen. This is a big business that accounts for millions of dollars a year in profits for criminals.
Shipping containers

Each year, tens of thousands of cars are stolen for export to other countries where they can be sold for many times their original market value. In some cases, these cars are recovered at Canadian ports before they reach their intended destinations. IBC is actively working on having CBSA take a more active role in preventing these vehicles from leaving Canada.