Saturday, June 14, 2008

Polyclinics annd Health Localism

Today I wrote a piece about Polyclinics over at Conservative Home.


Jobbing Doctor said...

Thank you for this analysis, Michelle, which is accurate. It is good that psychiatrists understand what is going on in primary care politics.

Although I am from a different end of the political spectrum to you, I think we see eye-to-eye on Polyclinics and centralism.

Q: How can you tell when a politician is lying?
A: When they move their lips.

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Thanks jobbing doctor. Always good to agree!
Q. What's the cause of Gordon Browns dizziness?
A. Lots and lots of U-turns!

Anonymous said...

2 fatal weaknesses with this article

(1) The health centres are additional to existing GP practices. No GP need move. In fact you can see them as well as staaying registered at your local GP down the road

(2) Andrew Lansley cant claim that they “would completely destroy the relationship between local people and their family doctor.” But then say they work in some areas, such as his constiuency - He in fact openened the largest polyclinic in the country last year!!!

Alot of foaming at the mouth - very little sense on this important health issue im afraid

Geoff (cant post as anything but anonymous im afraid)

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Geoff you highlight some good points.

1) In areas that don’t need extra GP surgeries, why waste money? Within one local area there may not be the money to clean the local hospital ward, yet money is being spent on a new polyclinic buildings.

2) For further comments about polyclinics in the Cambridgeshire area see here. Mr Lansley has said he’s in favour of GPs working together if it’s in the best interests of patients. He said: "If the Government gets carried away with one-size-fits-all policies it will not work."

Health localism should be about what fits a local area and their health needs, not a one-size-fits all approach. GP practices have evolved with their local community and I believe this should be encouraged not stifled.

Anonymous said...

No argument from me michelle about encouraging local practice. I dont see anything in the government proposals which undermines this though. More choice for patients is never a bad thing. To think that it is, you have to subscribe to the Lawrence Buckman view of the world that this is all part of a secret plan to get rid of local GPs. Not a conspiracy theory I subscribe to personally.

But you must admit there is a huge dichotomy between Lansley on the one hand saying that polyclinics might be suitable in some areas (such as his own!!) and saying at the same time that they "would completely destroy the relationship between local people and their family doctor.”

The latter is nonsense im afraid.

simon said...

annd? :o)